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The Apprenticeship Application process is currently closed.  

The Training Center is open. The mask mandate has been lifted. We are asking that people still practice social distancing while in the building. Please call Ryan Lyle at 248-585-1435 ext. 122 if you have any questions.

CALL THE TRAINING CENTER TO REGISTER FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES OFFERED IN 2022. All classes are register and pre-pay by check or money order only. Deadlines for registration and prices are listed with each class.

6010 Medical Gas Installer Recertification- *All current Med Gas certification holders are required to take this update. **Final classes scheduled** $130.00 

Medical Gas Installer (Full 40 hour): Spring Class: March 10th – May 19th Deadline is February 18th $206

Medical Gas Installer (Full 40 hour): Fall Class: September 1st – November 10th Deadline is August 12th $206

 Steam Fundamentals for the Repair Plumber- 40 hour class- March 7th  - May 9th Deadline is February 18th $50.00

 Monthly Code Class – Next class is February 16, 2022 at 4:30 pm. Open to any member looking to have discussions about the interpretation of the Michigan Plumbing Code.  Great refresher for anyone wanting to take a state plumbing exam. Please call Paul at the Training Center at 248-585-1435 ext. 123 to register.

 ASSE Backflow Tester Re-Certification: Please be sure to check your expiration date, it is now required that you complete your update class prior to your expiration. This class is offered quarterly. $75

4 hour recert class April 26 & 27 Deadline is March 25th

4 hour recert class July 26th and 27th Deadline is June 24th 

4 hour recert class October 25th and 26th Deadline is September 23rd

ASSE Tester (Full 40 hour): Spring Class: March 8th – May 17th Deadline is February 4th

ASSE Tester (Full 40 hour): Fall Class: August 30th – November 8th Deadline is August 5th

ASSE Repairer: *** Prerequisite: Must hold a current 5110 Tester Certification Spring Class: March 9th – April 13th, Deadline is February 25th $75

ASSE Repairer: *** Prerequisite: Must hold a current 5110 Tester Certification Fall Class: August 31st – October 5th, Deadline is August 12th $75

*OPEN WELDING* - Our welding shop is currently closed for a new ventilation system. We are still available to help. Please call Chris Opalka 248-585-1435 ext.146 for any welding related inquiries.

If your brazing or welding certs are ready to expire, call to schedule an appointment. The next WELDING Tests will be pending until shop is complete. You must call to schedule your welding tests at least 3 days prior to the class. The next BRAZING Cert Session will be Friday, March 4th, 2022. Please note: All members must be dressed appropriately to be in the shop area.  

2022 Course Hour reimbursement forms are available at the Training Center. You must have 8 hours (approved hours credited may vary from actual hours attended) of verifiable approved classes/training from January 1 - December 31, 2022 to be eligible for the $80.00 reimbursement. **2021 forms must be submitted by deadline of March 31, 2022 for reimbursement. 

OSHA Training - OSHA 10, available as on an online class for $25 at This OSHA 10 class is not affiliated with the UA or our Training Center. OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training is also offered online through the MUST website. Go to **Be sure to take the Construction Safety courses; not the General Industry courses.

It is each member’s individual responsibility to keep all their Certifications current.

If the person you are trying to reach at the Training Center is unavailable, please leave a message to ensure we can return your call.

We attempt to return all messages by the end of the business day.